RIOBOT Metal Gear Sahelanthropus

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Release Date :
April, 2016 → May, 2016
Size :
Appx. 280mm
Material :
Packing :
W: 250mm, D: 180mm, H: 350mm
Shield, archaeal blade effect parts*2, shoulder side armor R/L (RIOBOT original design), display stand, and button cells LR41*2

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Product Introduction
From the long-anticipated game series "METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN", the new Metal Gear "Sahelanthropus" has now joined the RIOBOT lineup under supervision by Yoji Shinkawa himself!!
Standing approximately 28cm tall in bipedal mode, the Sahelanthropus itself is made of multiple materials including ABS / POM / PA / die-cast, and is able to transform to REX mode without any interchangeable parts!
・Detailed camouflage is painted onto the whole surface.
・Manipulator with fully articulated fingers.
・LED light inside the head for combat mode.
・Engineered by T-REX, the team behind numerous transformable toys.
Design: Hiroyuki Motoki (T-REX)
Finisher: Youji Hayakawa