Bloodborne Doll 1/6 Scale Statue

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Late September ~ October 2017
Size :
Approximately 35cm tall
Material :
Display base

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Product Introduction
"Bloodborne" is a mega hit action RPG developed exclusively for PlayStation®4, and has been attracting enthusiastic fans since its release.
The doll, recreated as a 1/6 scale statue, stands at the scene of "Hunter's Dream" serving the player character.
The body is perfectly balanced; moreover, the dress and accessories are faithfully sculpted, being thoroughly supervised by FromSoftware.
It's notable that the whole detailed texture of costume was made by hand.
As the name "Doll" suggests, she is creating both uncanny atmosphere and subtle fragile beauty, which are recreated by sensitive exacting paint work.
The stone wall and lighted lantern on the display base are from the scene of "Hunter's Dream," and capture the world of Bloodborne.
Sculpt: Hiroki Hayashi

Sculpt (Display Base): Shinya Akao/HEADLONG
Digital Sculpt: Masaki Akao
Paint:Katsushige Akeyama (-accent-)