35MechatroWeGo Test & Helicopter

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Size :
75mm (86mm when helicopter equipped)
Material :
Packing :
Main figure(Test ), Helicopter unit, clear-type display case stand(regular prop & helicopter prop included).

© MODERHYTHM / Kazushi Kobayashi


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Product Introduction
Equipped with a helicopter unit, the brand new WeGo "Test & Helicopter" is up for pre-order!
With the unique display stand, the "Test & Helicopter" can be displayed like it floating in the air.
The helicopter unit is detachable, and compatible with early released 35 Mechatro WeGo series of Sentinel. 
Despite the small scale, the Mechatro WeGo "Test" included is articulate and includes die-cast parts.
Also, with detachable exterior parts, you can exchange the parts between the different color WeGo to make a color variation of your own!
The clear color display case makes it easier to collect and even stack them up for various display patterns! Display the Mechatro WeGo in your favorite pose! **The case may not able to display the WeGo with helicopter equipped. 
Finisher : Youji Hayakawa
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