EF-JAT-47FG Bellerophon (Cam's Custom) Deluxe Edition

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Release Date :
August, 2015
Size :
Robot: 230mm, Pilot: 50mm
Material :
Packing :
W 310mm、D 205mm、H 405mm
Bellerophon Mech Figure, Cameron Knox Pilot Figure, Bellerophon Docking Station. (Refer to accessories layout picture for details.)

©Armarauders ©Mecha Workshop 2014


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Product Introduction
BELLEROPHONS (Infantry/ground assault/first attack/mainline defense) CODENAME: JACK-of-ALL-TRADES (JAT)   
A bipedal humanoid model that is highly customizable, fast, agile and fitted with anti-gravity engines for limited flight and hovering.   
The workhorse of the United Earth Forces.    
The Bellerophon will function as the core design, the “skeleton” of the Armarauders figures and will have interchangeable add-ons that can connect with and customize future toys. 
The Full Gear Bellerophon: Cam’s Special comes equipped with custom full gear armor, fully articulated arms, legs, feet and hands, the sized-to-scale pilot as well as a detailed and sturdy docking stand from which to display the Bellerophon. 
The Deluxe Edition comes with first run exclusive Bellerophon clear head dome-piece, and Armarauders content DVD with comic issue 01 (exclusive special version) and animation episode 01 (with Japanese, English and Chinese subtitles), "the Battalion's Charge" diorama and "Testudo Mobile Tank Mech Hangar" diorama by Don Figueroa and sleeve cover with art by Hidetaka Tenjin.