mensHdge technical statue No.16 METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN Venom Snake

Regular Price :
Release Date :
Nov, 2016 (For pre-order starting from Sep)
Size :
Approx. 250mm tall
Material :
Packing :
W 250mm、D 150mm、H 300mm

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Product Introduction

◯From the series’ much anticipated new release 『METAL GEAR SOLID V:THE PHANTOM PAIN』, the main character “Venom Snake” is recreated as statue!

◯Ultimate sculpting which pays attention to every single detail including posing and various small parts!

◯Realistic and extremely beautiful colouring!

◯Large volume! Approximately 250mm tall!

◯First run exclusive “chicken cap head” is included!


*mensHdge stand is included.

*Photos may vary from actual product.

*Please note that due to production reasons, camouflage colour may be slightly different for each item, and the design may contain smudges.