RE:EDIT IRON MAN #08 Shape Changing Armor

Regular Price :
Release Date :
January, 2017→March, 2017
Size :
approx. 18cm
Material :
ABS / ATBC-PVC / PA / POM / Diecast
Packing :
Main Figure, Closed Hand (L/R), Hand blade (L/R), Open Hand (L/R) x3, Blade parts x2, Blade x2, Hall of Armor (Base, Metal Pole, Clip, Hall of Armor parts, Link up parts x4, Pole holding part), Button cell LR41 x 2 (for test use)

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Product Introduction
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The 8th release of RE:EDIT IRON MAN" is the new Iron Man armor which plays an active part in "All-New, All-Different"!
First appeared in comic serial "All-New, All-Different", the new Iron Man suit called "Shape Changing Armor" is recreated under new arrangement by RE:EDIT!
Although based on Bleeding Edge Armor, the characteristic head, shoulder, chest and legs is redesigned by Chemical Attack giving them exciting new look. Materials include ABS and diecast.
Same as the previously released RE:EDIT items, it comes with joint gimmicks all over the body and other features such as LED light-up function which can be brought to you by Chemical Attack only.