RE:EDIT IRON MAN #01 Bleeding Edge Armor (rerelease)

Regular Price :
Release Date :
January, 2017→March, 2017
Size :
approx. 18cm
Material :
ABS / ATBC-PVC / PA / POM / diecast
Packing :
Blade(L/R), Open hand(L/R)x3, Fist(L/R), Display base, Test button battery(LR41)x2

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Product Introduction
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The IRON MAN based on comics has been re-edited by Chemical Attack! Rerelease confirmed!
The first RE:EDIT IRON MAN is the armor from the Heroic Age.

"Bleeding Edge" which is equipped the Nano Machine that can be mentally commanded by Tony is presented.
SENTINEL's new series of action figure, "RE:EDIT" has begun.

Chemical Attack presents the intricate remaking, wide range of motion and superb gimmicks which bring you an IRON MAN that you have never seen!

Made by composite materials: ABS/PVC/PA/POM.

Full colored with LED light up on chest & eyes, display stand is also included.