RE:EDIT IRON MAN #11 MODULAR IRONMAN W/Plasma Cannon & Vibroblade

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Release Date :
June, 2017
Size :
approx. 18cm
Material :
Packing :
W300mm, D120mm, H250mm
Main Figure, Closed Hand (L/R), Knife Hand (L/R), Open Hand (L/R) x3, Head Mounted Display, Plasma Cannon x2, Shield x2, Hall of Armor (Base, Metal Pole, Clip, Hall of Armor parts, Link up parts x4, Pole holding part), Button cell LR41 x 2 (for test use)

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Product Introduction
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Based on comic version, the 11th release of RE:EDIT IRON MAN is designed and arranged by Chemical Attack and engineered by T-REX.
Inspired by past toys, this is a design that adds heavy gear into modular armor.
Plasma cannon on shoulders can recreate firing pose using opening gimmicks. And both arms are equipped with Vibroblades for close quarters battle.