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Brave Raideen Black Raideen
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USD $192.80
Release Date:
June 2021 → August 2021
Approx. 250mm
W230 x D200 x H290 mm
Ryoji ishibashi (KID'S)
Yoji Hayakawa (Sentinel)
Design cooperation:
  • Brave Raideen Black Raideen
Photo may slightly vary from actual product.
  • Brave Raideen Black Raideen
  • Brave Raideen Black Raideen
  • Brave Raideen Black Raideen
  • Brave Raideen Black Raideen
  • Brave Raideen Black Raideen
  • Brave Raideen Black Raideen
  • Brave Raideen Black Raideen

【Super exclusive! Lottery sales product!】


"Black Raideen" will be sold by online lottery sales!!
Raideen can be called the originator of black version toys.
A matte black body embellished with golden light, this is indeed a luxurious soft vinyl toy!


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Sentinel is starting a new project to commemorate the 45th anniversary of "Brave Raideen”, an anime broadcasted in 1975.


"Raideen" has extremely high popularity around the world. In order to bring a whole new experience to the fans of "Raideen", we specially rearranged him in an innovative design which emphasizes "Wa" (The essence of Japan) and chose “soft vinyl toy" as the product category to make him even rarer and more worth-collecting!


Modeling, Coloring, Articulation, Collaboration… A “new dimension soft vinyl art toy” which is born by Sentinel’s all-out effort - that is “Raideen”!


<Optional parts/Articulation>

【God Gorgon】A bow equipped on the left arm. An interchangeable left wrist is included for reproducing the action of shooting an arrow.

【God Breaker】The round "God Block" in the original setting is boldly changed into "Katana" including blade and even cross-guard as original toy gimmick.

【God Bird】Remove the lower arm and put on the helmet back-to-front to transform to "God Bird".

【God Voice】Three turbines will emerge after opening Raideen's chest and unleash a supersonic wave form of fires "God Voice".

【Detachable helmet/Reversible head】Helmet is detachable to reveal the monstrous look underneath. Normal face can be changed to skull face by turning the head.