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Item Name:
35MechatroWeGo Sunrise
Open for pre-order
Official Retail Price:
USD $41.00
Our Special Price:
USD $38.50
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Release Date:
January, 2022
Approx. 75mm
ABS, Die-cast, POM
W100mm, D100mm, H100mm
MODERHYTHM / Kazushi Kobayashi
  • 35MechatroWeGo Sunrise
Photo may slightly vary from actual product.
  • 35MechatroWeGo Sunrise
  • 35MechatroWeGo Sunrise
  • 35MechatroWeGo Sunrise
  • 35MechatroWeGo Sunrise
  • 35MechatroWeGo Sunrise
  • 35MechatroWeGo Sunrise

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The second colour as the 10th anniversary memorial! That one-off work seen at custom show will officially join the 35MechatroWeGo line-up with a beautiful name "Sunrise"!


Back in "CUSTOM SHOW 2017", which was held at the same time as "MechatroWeGo secret event" in 2017, it was a 1/12 scale MechatroWeGo prototype for display created by MODERHYTHM Mr.Kobayashi.

Now that one-off art piece is confirmed to become a 1/35 scale mass production item to celebrate our 10th anniversary!

Featuring tricolore color reminiscent of sunrise on the body, a magic touch of fluorescent yellow on areas such as the soles and the air intakes, "CHUBU" marking on the back and "ST2 (meaning the 2nd anniversary of Sentinel at the time of production)" on the front etc., this is an unprecedented new coloring!

<Product specifications>

Coloring design is supervised by Kazushi Kobayashi (MODERHYTHM). By having Mr. Kobayashi produce color chips and painting samples, we have made a product that achieved high degree of color reproduction of his original sample.

The product package has been changed to a clear box so that the figure can be displayed in a dynamic pose.

The height of 1/35 scale MechatroWeGo 80’s is approximately 75mm, which perfectly fits in your hand!

The head hatch can be opened and closed, and each joint such as the arms and legs are articulated, so you can easily enjoy flexible poses.

Die-cast metal is used for most of the outer body. Matt base gives out a calming atmosphere while the unique coolness of metal makes it look like a die-cast mini car which starts in seconds.

You will love the feel when you hold it in your hand.

In addition, each outer body part is interchangeable, so build your own WeGo by changing parts with other types from the series.

*Display stand is not included.